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Cabinet Refacing Services in New Orleans, Louisiana – Get the Best Deals Here!

Looking to give your kitchen a facelift without spending a fortune? Cabinet refacing may be the perfect solution for you! Cabinet refacing is a process by which your old cabinets are given a new look by replacing the doors and/or drawer fronts.

This can be done relatively cheaply and quickly, and it can make a big difference in the appearance of your kitchen. If you’re interested in cabinet refacing services in New Orleans, Louisiana, Big Easy Renovations is here for you! We are experts in repairs and refacing services!

What Are Cabinet Refacing Services and What Do They Entail?

Cabinet Refacing in New Orleans - Big Easy Renovations

Cabinet refacing is a popular alternative to replacing kitchen cabinets. The process involves installation of new doors and drawer fronts, and sometimes new side panels, over the existing cabinet frames.

Cabinet refacing can give your kitchen an updated look without the expense and inconvenience of tearing out and replacing your existing cabinets.

The biggest advantage of cabinet refacing is that it allows you to keep your current kitchen layout intact.

If you’re happy with the layout of your kitchen but would like to update the look of your cabinets, cabinet refacing may be the perfect solution.

Cabinet refacing typically takes 3-5 days to complete, depending on the size of your kitchen and the extent of the work required.

In most cases, you’ll be able to continue using your kitchen during the refacing process. if you’re considering cabinet refacing for your next kitchen update, contact a local cabinet professional to learn more about the process and get a free estimate.

The Benefits of Cabinet Refacing in New Orleans

If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little worse for wear, you may be considering replacing them altogether. However, this can be a costly and time-consuming process. A more cost-effective option is to reface your cabinets.

This involves replacing the doors and drawer fronts, as well as any visible hardware. Cabinet refacing can be done in a variety of styles to suit any taste, and it’s a great way to give your kitchen a fresh new look.

In addition to being more cost-effective than replacement, cabinet refacing is also less disruptive and can be completed in a shorter timeframe. If you’re considering updating your kitchen cabinets, be sure to consider cabinet refacing in New Orleans.

How to Find the Best Deals on Cabinet Refacing Services in New Orleans, Louisiana

Cabinet refacing works

Cabinet refacing is a great way to give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for the best deals on cabinet refacing services in New Orleans, Louisiana, there are a few things you can do.

First, check with your local home improvement stores. Many of them offer discounts on cabinet refacing services. You can also search online for coupons and special offers.

Another option is to contact a professional cabinet refacing company in New Orleans area. Many of these companies offer free estimates, so you can compare prices and find the best deal. Whatever option you choose, be sure to get several estimates before making a final decision on many projects offered.

By taking the time to shop around, you’ll be sure to find the best deals on cabinet refacing services in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor for Cabinet Refacing

Before hiring a contractor to reface your custom cabinets, it is important to ask the right questions. This will help to ensure that you are getting the best possible service and a fantastic job for your money.

Here Are All the Details and Key Questions to Ask:

  1. How much experience do you have with kitchen cabinet refacing? You should look for a contractor who has plenty of experience and can show you examples of their work.
  2. What materials will you be using? It is important to choose a contractor who uses high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.
  3. What is your estimated completion time? You should make sure that the contractor you choose can complete the job in a timely manner.
  4. What is your warranty policy? It is always a good idea to choose a contractor who offers a warranty on their work. This will give you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong after the job is completed.

Asking these questions before hiring a cabinet refinishing contractor will help to ensure that you are getting the best possible service for your money.

How to Prepare Your Cabinets for the Refacing Process

A cabinet refacing project is a great way to give your kitchen a whole new look and remove crown molding without the hassle and expense of a complete renovation. However, before you can enjoy your new cabinets, you need to take care of a few prep items.

First, remove all of the doors and drawers from your cabinets.

Next, remove any hardware, such as knobs and handles.

Finally, give your cabinets a good cleaning so that the new veneer will have a smooth surface to adhere to.

With just a little bit of preparation, you can enjoy the beauty of new cabinets without any of the stress.

Tips for Choosing the Right Finish and Style for Your Cabinets

When it comes to choosing cabinets, there are a lot of options to consider. The first step is to decide on the right finish. Do you want a natural wood look, or something more modern? There are also a variety of color choices, from classic white to bold black.

Once you’ve decided on the finish, it’s time to choose the style. Are you looking for something traditional, or something more contemporary? There are many different styles to choose from, so it’s important to take your time and find the perfect one for your home.

With so many options available, taking the time to find the right cabinets for your home can seem daunting. However, by following these simple tips, you can be sure to find the perfect cabinets for your space.

A cabinet resurfacing in New Orleans, LA will be offered with great customer service.

The Most Professional and Affordable Cabinet Refacing Services in New Orleans, Louisiana

Big Easy Renovations can reface your cabinets for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. We’ll give your kitchen a whole new look in just one day – and you won’t have to spend hours sanding and painting.

Our team of experienced service professionals will work with you to create a design that perfectly suits your needs and style. We offer a wide range of finishes and styles for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that fits your taste.

Our high-quality materials and construction mean you can be confident when we replace cabinets that will last for years to come. Schedule a free consultation with us today! Call us now and we’ll show you why we’re the best in the business!

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