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Planning and Design: Certified Complete Bathroom Remodel Services in New Orleans

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Are you feeling bored and frustrated in your bathroom due to its aging and outdated look? You can give it an elegant new look with a complete remodel.

The bathroom is one of the most critical areas of any home. It adds value and increases the aesthetic appeal of your house. A complete refurbishment offers not only increased value but also comfort, style, convenience, and storage solutions.

Although considering remodeling your bathroom may seem very complex, with proper planning and design, anyone can create a beautiful, functional space that meets their needs. Big Easy Renovations will discuss tips for successfully executing a full bathroom remodel – from deciding on layout and materials to guidance that’s practical yet stylish.

Planning and Design

bathroom layoutPlanning and designing a complete bathroom remodel requires careful consideration of the space, layout, and overall style. Taking accurate measurements is essential for making sure all elements of the design fit properly in their allocated spots. Any additional structural, plumbing, or electrical work will also need to be taken into consideration.

Purpose & Goals

A complete bathroom remodels plan not only includes a purpose, such as increasing storage capacity or making sure the layout is efficiently used, but also includes achievable goals. A clear objective for the redesign helps to decide on changes that can be made and prioritize ideas that should stay in line with the budget.

Assessing Costs

Planning and design of a complete bathroom remodel is assessing costs an integral part of the process. First, determine the total budget needed for the project, as this will often dictate which features are available and where to go for renovation materials. Next, compile a list of all technologies that need to be purchased or replaced.

Design & Space Planning

Planning and designing a complete bathroom remodel is an important part of making sure the space functions as desired. During this process, the layout and style of the bathroom will be determined. Additionally, both form and function should be taken into consideration while planning.

Choosing Materials

bathroom materialsWhen remodeling a bathroom, it is crucial to choose the right materials for the job. You want to choose materials that will last, and enhance the style of your bathroom. Options include tile flooring, countertops, sink material, tub type and size, faucets, shower curtains/doors, lighting fixtures, and more. It is important to assess whether you’re looking for quality or cost savings when choosing materials because these can affect both the overall look of your bathroom and the longevity of the remodeling project.

Storage & Organization

A complete bathroom remodel can include organization solutions such as drawer dividers in vanity cabinets, open shelving, wall-mounted towel racks, medicine cabinets that offer concealed storage for toiletries and accessories, and recessed shelves for additional items. Creating a functional space with multiple points of access allows for easier cleaning, better aesthetics, and peace of mind knowing that everything is stowed away safely.

Getting the Project Done

Working with a contractor helps ensure that all necessary details are properly taken into consideration. Remodeling can be expensive, so it is important to have an experienced team on board to get the best results at the lowest cost. With careful planning and design, you can ensure your complete bathroom remodel will not only look great but also function properly for years to come.

Remodel the Bathroom Yourself or Hire a Contractor?

Remodeling a bathroom yourself can save you money in the short term, but if you are not an experienced DIYer, it will likely cost more in the long run. When working with water and gas lines, it’s important to know what you’re doing, or you may be facing expensive repairs that cause serious damage or even personal injury.

If that doesn’t scare you off, consider how good a job and finish you can really accomplish on your own. Hiring a licensed contractor instead could potentially save you time and effort, but it may cost more upfront.

It is important to do research when hiring a contractor—check reviews online, and get multiple estimates from contractor sources with years of experience in your area—so you can be sure to get an honest price for quality work done.

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We were so happy with our bathroom remodel! The installer was courteous and answered any questions we had. He worked hard throughout the day to complete this installation of a new tub/shower surround which included plumbing fixtures as well for an overall satisfying experience from start-to-finish. You won’t regret using these guys if you’re thinking about renovating your bathrooms. They’re top notch!

Lexi Gomez

It has been a month since we used Big Easy Renovations to replace the tub in our front bathroom. My wife loves the new tub! It matches everything, from the quality to the design to the color. During the removal and installation of the new tub, the installer was very nice and professional. You did a great job, thank you.

Taylor Williams

After searching online, I got a few quotes for siding and gutters. We are happy that we chose Big Easy Renovations. I was extremely satisfied with the siding installation. We were impressed with the crew that came out and how knowledgeable they were about their work.

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The team at Big Easy Renovations was so easy to work with! From the beginning, they communicated thoroughly and efficiently. I would recommend them for anyone’s home renovation needs. When it comes to replacing roofs, they’re the best!

Zoe Davidson

Throughout the process, Big Easy Renovations was professional. The patio cover I have is absolutely gorgeous and it was put up in one day. My backyard has been transformed by this beautiful feature!

Lana Kim

If you’re looking for a bathroom renovation company, this is the one! The staff are professional and friendly. I have worked with them several times before so it’s no surprise that they would do an amazing job on my latest project too. It just came out beautifully indeed!

Arthur Wood